Acquisition Criteria

BlueSky Management Corp was formed to acquire and manage properties for friends and family. Now at the bequest of individual investors, BlueSky is acquiring quality, distinctive properties for its clients. Some clients are in Tax Deferred 1031 exchanges, others simply want to diversify their investment portfolio or add to their real estate holdings by partnering with Bluesky. Still others are investing on behalf of their retirement plan. Hard to find properties are located though years of fostering relationships with brokers and owners across the country.

BlueSky is only acquiring real estate if the property meets its founding principal’s own selective buying criteria.

On one-off occasions, we may have requirements that fit out side the description below, based on an individual investor’s need.

The following is what we seek:

For standard partnerships and LLC acquisitions:

  • Price is generally 5-60 Million.
  • Retail, Industrial, Office, in no special order.
  • Multi tenant, single tenant or portfolios.
  • Short Term or Long Term Sale/Leasebacks.
  • Attractive assumable financing is ok.
  • Ideally some story to tell or value to be added through an improved management or lease up plan.

For Tenant In Common (TIC) and other passive structures:

  • Price generally 5-30 Million.
  • Retail, Industrial, Office, generally in that order.
  • Must be highly desirable property.
  • Must be in an A location.
  • Ideally Multi-Tenant, with no big tenant roll over risk.
  • Credit tenants are a plus, but not required.
  • Long Term Sale/Leasebacks.
  • The underlying real estate cannot be constructed to serve a specialty purpose.
  • Ideally 10 years and newer or well maintained.
  • No debt to assume.

Land for internal development or investment:

  • Retail or Industrial Only, In fill ready for development, generally 4-11 acres.
  • Ideally next to a major retail trade area, or in a business park.
  • New growth areas a plus.
  • We avoid dense metropolitan developments or any development with long term entitlement risk.
  • We can close all cash using our own equity and sourcing our own private debt or cash to seller financing.

Preferred States:

California, Florida, Georgia, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico.