At Sperry Van Ness, Mike Austin was one of the top leaders within the company; one of the best and most consistent deal makers, and always in the Top Ten. He is highly regarded as a real buyer among our brokers nationally.  We continue to do business together.

Rand Sperry, CEO
Sperry Van Ness
Irvine, CA

We know Mike Austin to be a strong client of our Bank. We want to continue to do business together through our various services and programs. We like the types of real estate that Bluesky pursues and we continue to discuss more new opportunities with them. I look forward to financing the next deal.

Chris McDaid
Wachovia Bank
Jacksonville, FL

We have handled tax returns for several  real estate entities formed by Bluesky. We have found them to be thorough and professional. We continue to increase our business together each year.

Steve Phair, CPA
Newport Beach, CA

Mike has handled several 1031 exchange transactions on the Buy and Sell sides. I know him to be resourceful and a knowledgeable deal maker. I know I can rely on him to help me create value on the next opportunity as a principal with him. I am looking forward to out next transaction together.

Hagar Pacific Properties, Investor
Newport Beach, CA

I have invested in LLCs with Bluesky and in the last five years we have completed several 1031 transactions on several different entities. In a market where good deals are few and far between, Mike has made all the difference in finding the properties and adding the value. We continue to make money together.

Doug Fisher, Investor
Silverado Canyon, CA

Our firm represented Mike on a complex retail shopping center acquisition in Boise and a pad sale on a development project owned by Bluesky. In both transactions, Mike’s in-depth knowledge and responsiveness helped keep the deals on track and conclude the transactions without surprises.

Michael Baldner, Attorney
Meuleman Mollerup LLP
Boise, ID

Mike is wonderful to work with. We have handled quit a number of his escrows with few surprises, and timely closings. We look forward to the next one!

Lori Beasley, Escrow Officer
Chicago Title
Irvine, CA

I have to thank Mike. Over the years he has helped me or the partnerships I have been involved in. We have realized considerable profits on various types of real estate, even a vacant hospital that we bought on spec and closed all cash in 2 weeks, as a result of Mike’s insight. I am looking forward to the next opportunity.

Mark Bowen, Investor
Carmel, CA

I have known Mike for 30 years now. He is a great friend and business partner. I trust him to manage the development process and make the profitable decisions.

Rick Murphy, Investor
San Diego CA

Mike is a valued client of mine. We have funded several transactions and entered into a  SWAP program to secure a ceiling on the interest rate for a variable loan. We look to the borrower to back the loan and we offer terms not found elsewhere, based primarily on private client status with the bank.

John Schutz
Wells Fargo Bank
Minneapolis MN