Mission Statement

Bluesky Management Corp. was formed after numerous requests from investors to locate and manage well-located, quality properties with diverse rent rolls, functional design and upside potential.

Bluesky is a small Boutique firm interested in sponsoring and managing only those properties that fit into its specific buying parameters.

We are looking to acquire properties with true underlying physical value, often under replacement cost, which allows us to better compete with newly constructed properties. This approach minimizes the potential for downside. On occasion we will invest in passive, single tenant, credit real estate for the specific needs or requests of our investors.

Besides overall value and a fair price, BlueSky seeks investments in unbeatable locations. All things being equal, LOCATION will always set a property apart from the competition and help keep a building full during times of re-tenanting and roll over.

Our philosophy is that our properties should be able to remain leased, due in a large part, to their outstanding location or other quality features.

We like QUALITY- a quality project will attract and retain more tenants and require less future maintenance.

We like a DIVERSE Rent Roll- the varying size and type of tenants will help to keep the project more stable during roll over periods. We are risk adverse. If possible we prefer to stay away from potential big-tenant vacancies.

We like a FUNCTIONAL DESIGN- a building that suffers from functional obsolescence cannot be cured. A building designed for a single purpose or one that incorporates too many specialty features can be costly to retrofit and difficult to re-tenant if it becomes vacant. Old but functional is okay.

We like “BLUESKY”- BlueSky is industry jargon for the future upside found in a property. If a property has a little Bluesky then the overall future return to the investors will be substantially better.

Mission Statement:

We are a boutique firm seeking to acquire high quality, well located properties with little risk. Our experience and selectivity create long term value.