About Self-Directed IRA Corp

Self Directed IRA Corp. is a provider of debt or equity commercial real estate investments for IRA and non IRA/traditional investors.  In particular, SD IRA Corp. was founded to help investors find alternative sources of income to increase their IRA, SEP or Pension account values.  We do this by careful and thoughtful investing in well positioned real estate.

On the debt side, investors act as a new Lender on low loan-to-value, well located properties.  These investments start at a 10% return and the investor is directly on the deed of trust and note as the Lender.  We call this a Direct Investment since it is not a share or member interest in an LLC.  The safety of this investment lies in the 40-50% equity position of the borrower and our rigorous selection process.

On the equity side, we look for opportunities to add value though our experience in management and leasing.  These investments are LLCs, and investors have a member interest and actual ownership stake in the property.  We have an advantage over other buyers of real estate by using all cash.  We feel we are stronger together and this is where we find opportunities, hence our motto Opportunities Together.

Unlike owning shares in companies in the stock market where you have little control on the company or the public markets, with Self Directed IRA Corp, you are a direct lender or you are a member owner of tangible real property.  We offer growth that provides a consistent, steady rate of return on a tangible asset that you can touch and feel.

Unlike the stock broker, we are in the same business as that of the investment. We stay involved and help manage the investment. You may invest with or without like-minded co-investors. And you may choose between Retail, Industrial, or Office. Finally, you may choose between debt or equity investing depending on your individual goals, return expectations, and risk level. Give us a call 949.748.7447 to see which properties we are currently researching and underwriting. We are one of the few providers that are involved in commercial real estate and knowledgeable in the self directed industry.

Why Self Directed IRA Corp?

There are many ways to invest, but how can you be sure you are doing the right thing?  How do you know that your hard earned money will be optimally invested?  Few real estate companies offer to seek out, and find, these types of investments through the use of self-directed Real Estate IRA and SEP accounts. Fewer still, offer to maintain those properties – we do and we take all the effort out of it for you.

We fill a void in the marketplace where banks are not willing to lend or cannot lend fast enough.  Our due diligence is based on years of experience in recognizing safe and stable real estate investments.  We are seasoned professionals that originate selective investments, and manage them for optimum performance and minimal risk.

The principals of our firm have been in the commercial real estate investment and management business for over 20 years. We exercise safe and sound buying and underwriting strategies, combined with strong responsive management.

Contact us today for sample studies of our investments. You will quickly see how you can be a part of an investment in real estate that is highly likely to outperform many other traditional vehicles.  The next few years provides an unprecedented opportunity to invest in real estate.