Self Directed IRA Corp networks with real estate brokers, owners and banks to find low risk, high return real estate opportunities.  Our private investor clients are provided the opportunity to invest in qualified, high yield investments that provide monthly cash flow to the investor’s portfolio or an IRA account at a self-directed custodian.

Do you have Sep or IRA funds on the sidelines?  Do you have a trust fund or other money that is not earning satisfactory returns? Opportunities await savvy investors who want to diversify away from the public markets and traditional investments.   Do you want to better control your investments by self directing them into tangible assets that are more closely held?

With over 20 years of experience in the commercial real estate industry, we know what defines a sound real estate investment.  We proactively sort through numerous submittals to our office, through the emails from our network of real estate brokers, owners and banks, and we attend numerous industry wide events to stay on top of the market.

For equity investments under an LLC formation we search out notes that can be purchased at a discount, foreclosures in various stages, bank owned properties, opportunistic redevelopments, and NNN low risk commercial investments.  We do the search, acquisition, management, tax preparation, overall business plan, and the final sale strategy.  Returns on these types of investments can be north of 12%.  Typically our management company, Bluesky Management Corp is the manager of the LLC. For more information on Bluesky Management Corp go to

For Debt Investments, where we originate a new First TD and our investors take on the role as the Lender, we seek out and underwrite safe, well located, low loan to value (LTV) properties.  Here we are looking for very functional properties and a strong borrowing entity with a strong equity position.  This equity provides a “cushion” of safety making this type of investment extremely attractive. Our investor clients become a Lender directly on the first trust deed and note. They are not an owner under this scenario.  Returns on these investments are 10%.  With the current price of commercial buildings well below replacement cost in many cases, and with banks reluctant to place real estate loans, we find that there are a number of safe, low loan to value loans that can be placed on quality real estate.

For sample underwritings of the types of real estate we are evaluating, give us a call.