Blue Sky Management Corp Launches Self Directed IRA Corp.

Irvine CA- Bluesky Management Corp, a privately held property management and commercial real estate investment firm, has launched Self Directed IRA Corp.  Self Directed IRA Corp. is a provider of direct debt and equity commercial real estate investments for IRA and non-IRA or traditional investors.  Self Directed IRA Corp. was launched in response to a demand for higher, more stable returns by IRA and 401k investors.

Self Directed IRA Corp. specializes in direct debt and equity investments in reduced value or bargain priced commercial real estate.  On “direct” debt investing, investors act as a new Lender on low loan-to-value (LTV), well located properties; allowing IRA investors to replace their low yielding money market and bond returns with higher returns found in placing First Trust Deed (TD) investments at 10-12%. This allows investors a safe, stable investment vehicle outside of the public markets.  For equity investments, properties are sought where value can be added through experienced management and leasing.

Self Directed IRA Corp. answers the concern among investors that feel the stock market may not be stable enough to support their retirement goals. Conversely, the real estate market and in particular some individual assets are at a low point, presenting an opportune time to invest.  The banks and Wall Street firms have left a tremendous void in the market place which can be filled by the private investor. Self Directed IRA Corp, as a Self-Directed provider, offers the expertise in finding the opportunities.

“We do this by originating first TDs on already under valued commercial real estate”, says Michael Austin, 25 year commercial real estate veteran and the President of Self Directed IRA Corp. “These are low risk, low LTV transactions that offer security since the investor is directly on the deed itself, and the borrower, with whom the loan is made, maintains a handsome equity position, thereby reducing the risk of default. Few investments compare when measuring the risk/return formula.”

This investment channel is catching on with IRA investors who are becoming disenchanted with depressed values on their accounts during the latest economic downturn.  Jason Mandler, the team’s analyst and a Senior VP with the firm says, “The growth in this industry is phenomenal and exciting.  With our real estate experience and contacts, our firm is uniquely equipped to evaluate valuable opportunities that not many others see.

Traditional investors can also take advantage of some of the transactions that Self Directed IRA Corp. is reviewing.  Through years of networking in the commercial real estate sector, Mr. Austin feels the time is now to land opportunistic acquisitions being sold by the likes of capital strained private owners, the FDIC and banks. The firm seeks out low risk, value oriented real estate that it can pass along to investors while offering all the expertise and management. One of the biggest problems today is valuing and underwriting the investment decision. Mandler states, “One of the ways we do this is through experience and very conservative underwriting. We maintain an additional cushion by seeking out already reduced values and we focus on “A” location real estate.”

Contact Information:

Self Directed IRA Corp.
1150 Main St, Ste E
Irvine, CA 92614