Why Aren’t You Using Self Directed IRA Real Estate as Another Retirement Investment Strategy?

Mike Irondale

It’s unbelievable… just on 96% of American IRA funds are traditional IRAs.  If my arithmetic is correct, that means only about 4% are self directed IRAs or self directed Roth IRAs.

Many people have the misconception that you need to spend days if not weeks, running around organizing everything yourself if you want to be involved in real estate investing.  They often fail to realize there are many ways to buy and sell residential property. Investors are increasing their return on investment percentage, by investing part of their IRA retirement money in responsible community backed real estate projects.

With a truly self directed IRA you are in control, but you are guided by trustees, custodians and advisors on what you can invest your retirement fund into. There are companies involved with real estate turnkey projects that practically do all the work for you. Once you evaluate and decide on a property, they will do the rest for you, leaving you free to go about your daily business as usual.

You don’t necessarily have to roll over an existing 401k or traditional IRA to set up a self directed IRA. However, depending on you current funds performance and the assets invested in, it may be a good idea to roll some of the funds over into a better performing asset. Some employer sponsored 401k plans only enable you to roll a certain percentage of the funds over; these issues need to be carefully evaluated before taking any action.

There are many ways to profit from investing in real estate, unfortunately at the moment; there are just as many ways of losing a lot of money on real estate. That’s why you need to have your wits about you if you are venturing into investing retirement money in this area for the first time. If you have a trusted financial advisor seek their help and guidance, otherwise look for responsible companies actively participating in new community backed real estate projects, with a track record of successful property developments and customer references.
Whether you’re going to retire in 5 or 30 years doesn’t matter, the investment principles is the same, try and maximize your return with the least risk and build your retirement capital. A self directed IRA real estate option is something you should consider as another strategy in building you assets and capital. If handled correctly you stand to make better returns than other asset classes like shares and mutual funds, particularly in the current economic climate.

Based on where you’re headed right now, will you attain financial freedom by retirement? Will you be able to do the things you have been waiting a lifetime to do? If the answer is no! Think about diversifying your investments; consider taking more control with a self directed IRA real estate solution, as and additional asset class to help build your retirement portfolio.

To learn more about starting your own self directed ira account, go to www.selfdirectediracorp.com